Discover secrets, love, and what's important in life, at the Town of New Beginnings...

The TARRIN'S BAY SERIES is a heartwarming collection of novels all set in the same small coastal town (fictional, but based on the author's hometown on the south coast of NSW, Australia). Each is a stand-alone story, but linked, and the first few can be read in any order. There will be one book for each month of the year.




This series has both female and male points of view, and explores true love, family, finding your place in life and following your dreams, as each character gets a new beginning in the special town of Tarrin's Bay.


Books currently available in this series (click the title for more details):









- Coming 2016... APRIL'S GLOW*

*Bonus content for April's Glow:

As featured in the story, here are some links relating to the 36 questions that the characters participate in, based on the real life psychology study that went viral on the internet and was featured in The Big Bang Theory television show:







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