Five Sisters. Five Senses. One Gift. No Instructions.

THE DELTA GIRLS is a young adult supernatural mystery series about five sisters who can each glimpse the future with one of the five senses. They must collaborate to form a complete picture and work out the significance of their predictions.

Each of the five books are told from a different sister's point of view and their particular psychic sense.




THE DELTA GIRLS is published by Diversion Books and available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook.


The publication schedule is as follows. Click the hyperlinked titles to read more about each book as details become available, and access purchase links.


SIGHT (book 1) - July 14, 2015

SOUND (book 2) - October 13, 2015

SCENT (book 3) - January 12, 2016

TASTE (book 4) - April, 2016

TOUCH (book 5) - July, 2016



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